Here is the information of my plugin nChat!


About the plugin:

nChat is an advanced chat plugin.

I use Legendchat. Do you have a problem replacing him?

No. All tags that work in Legendchat will work for you.

How do I turn off message highlighting?

Remove the permission {PERM_BASE}.destaque of your group.


Use the following command:
/pex group <your group> add -{perm_base}.destaque


Use the following command:
/lp group <your group> permission set {perm_base}.destaque false


/tell <player> <message> - command to send private messages.

/nchat [args..] - main command of the plugin.

/chat [args..] - command to control some chat options.



The format of the permissions must be {BASE}.{MODIFICADOR}

For example, if the channel permission is '', to be able to talk in the chat we use the permission below:

All permissions:

{BASE}.chat - permission to send/receive messages.
{BASE}.colors - permission to use colors in messages.
{BASE}.format - permission to use format in messages.
{BASE}.destaque - permission to highlight messages.
{BASE}.bypass.mute - permission to bypass mute in channels.
{BASE}.bypass.delay - permission to bypass delay in messages.
{BASE}.bypass.messagecost - permission to bypass cost in messages.
{BASE}.replace-messages - permission to replace messages.
{BASE}.fix-messages - permission to correct messages.
nchat.tell.colors - permission to use colors in /tell.
nchat.tell.format - permission to use format in /tell.
nchat.mute - permission to use the mute /ochat mute.
nchat.muteall - permission to use the command /ochat muteall.
nchat.clearchat - permission to use the command /ochat clearchat.
nchat.allcolors - permission to use colors on ALL channels.
nchat.allformat - permission to use format on ALL channels.
nchat.command.key - permission to use /ochat key.
nchat.command.spy - permission to use /ochat spy.
nchat.command.criarcanal - permission to use /ochat criarcanal.
nchat.command.canal - permission to use /ochat canal.
nchat.command.reload - permission to use /ochat reload.

NOTE: {PERM_BASE} or {BASE} is the permission that is within your configuration file (example:


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In case of problems, you can request support in our discord group:


Download here the free version of the chat plugin.