More details about the plugin nLogin.


About the plugin:

nLogin is an authentication system used by several servers in the world.

Key features:

* TOTAL Bungeecord Support.

* BungeeGuard System.

* Support for all plugins using the AuthMe api

* Various types of captcha to make bots easier to access.

* Conversion of users from various plugins

* Protection system for disabling the plugin in hacking attacks

* Easy update system with just a single click.

* Support for multiple languages.

* Automatic language selector that varies by Minecraft language.

* Protection system to prevent uuids spoof failure.

* System to hide and encrypt passwords.

* API for website integration.

* System to block special characters in nickname.


/nlogin - displays the list of administration commands.

nLogin Premium

+ Login system for original accounts.

+ Session system for automatic login.

+ Two-Factor System for Twitter, Email, Discord and Security questions.

+ Support and exclusive tag in the Discord group.

⚠️ Remember!
In case of problems, you can request support in our discord group:


Download here the free version of the login plugin.